Wed, 20 Feb 2019
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Zeynep ERHAN
Analyst on International Law

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Zeynep ERHAN had graduated from the University of Marmara in 2007. Her department was Law. She had worked as a lawyer 3 years in Turkey. Moreover, she has gained experience on such cases; business law, criminal law, family law, enforcement law, and private international law.
After these experience, she got a scholarship from Turkish Goverment and she went to the UK for master education and she graduated from the University of Sussex in the deparment of International Law: Rights and Responsibility with the Distinction Degree. She studied "Political Offense Exception and terrorism " in her master degree.
She knows English/High Level. She is interested to the following areas; International Law, Terrorism, Extradition, International Criminal Law, Human Rights, Humanitarian Intervention, Armed Conflict.

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