Wed, 20 Feb 2019
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Tiago Ferreira LOPES
Analyst on Caucasus and Middle Asia

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Tiago Ferreira Lopes has a degree in Social Communication, profile of Journalism, by Abrantes Superior School of Technology (ESTA-IPT) since July 2008. Since January 2013 Tiago has a PhD on International Relations of the Institute of Social and Political Sciences, Lisbon Technical University (ISCSP-UTL). The thesis of Tiago Ferreira Lopes aims to achieve a deeper understanding of the “Dynamics of the North Caucasus National Projects”.
Tiago Ferreira Lopes is a full-time researcher at the Orient Institute as a member of the Political and Economic Transitions Research Team, since July 2009. In September 2011 Tiago was appointed as a researcher and as the Media Administrator of the State Building and Fragility Monitor research project. Cumulatively, since April 2010, Tiago Ferreira Lopes is the Executive Officer of the Observatory for Human Security. Tiago Ferreira Lopes is also an Expert on Caucasus and Central Asia at the Strategic Outlook.
Tiago participates regularly on International Conferences, Congresses and Seminars as a participant and/or as a speaker. Tiago Ferreira Lopes has already presented communications and/or lectures at various places like Aveiro (Portugal), Brussels (Belgium), Covilhã (Portugal), Exeter (United Kingdom), Jyvaskyla (Finland), Krakow (Poland), Lisbon (Portugal), London (United Kingdom), New York (United States of America), Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation), San Francisco (United States of America), Seliger (Tver, Russian Federation) and Stockholm (Sweden).
Tiago Ferreira Lopes has proficiency in Portuguese (native language), English, French and Spanish and is currently learning Russian and Classic Arabic. Tiago Ferreira Lopes is also the author of two cultural columns at two Portuguese regional newspapers: Jornal de Nisa and Tribuna de Loures. Tiago has already one poetry book edited under his feminine heteronym (Mariana Luz, “A Minha Alma de Diamante” [My Diamond Soul], Korpus Editora) and was selected to participate at the II (2009), IV (2011) and V (2012) Anthologies of Lusophone Poets.

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