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Mehmet Fatih ÖZTARSU
Analyst on Caucasus Region

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Mehmet Fatih Öztarsu graduated from Caucasus University, International Relations department and he follows master’s degree on Caucasus affairs both in Armenia and Georgia.
He works on regional studies with the focus on South Caucasus and ethnic/regional conflicts. He writes articles for media organs in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.
In addition to media activities, he focused on regional issues in various think tanks, Ankara. He worked as a media observer in the USA with the partnership of International Center for Journalists and joined the politics and leadership program of Atlantic Council both in Washington DC and New York. He is a member of 2012 Young Turkey Young America program co-hosted by Atlantic Council and Istanbul Policy Center.
He continues to share his experiences and observations on Haber Ajanda, Today’s Zaman, Zaman daily and Haber 7 in Turkey as political analyst. He writes for Aravot Daily in Armenia, about Turkish-Armenian relations. Journalism activities continue both in Turkey and Caucasus. He is Co-president of Strategic Outlook which is one of the most effective English based research portals about international relations in Turkey and researcher of TEPAV – Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey.
He knows English and Azeri/high level, Russian and Armenian/intermediate level.
TV Productions Coordination and Consulting :
“Dün Bugün Yarın / Turkey-Armenia” – Toprak Production / TRT TÜRK – 2011
“Common Pain” – Toprak Production / Al Jazeera – 2012

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