Sat, 24 Feb 2018
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Analyst on Russia and Middle East

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Fuad is a young researcher and political reviewer from Azerbaijan. His main research fields are military and political history, and foreign policy issues. His main regions of research are Post-soviet (Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine) and the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Iran).
He got B.A degree on International Affairs from Baku Slavic University (2009-2013). During bachelor years he worked at the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Azerbaijan Republic, aftermath was research assistant at Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD). Currently he is columnist at Russian Council on International Affairs and doing M.A on Political science at University of Bologna.
He is author of numeral researches and articles that were published by well-known “Todays Zaman”, “Aljazeera Turkey”, “Strategic Outlook”, “USAK”, ” TASAM”, Baltic Foundation, “”, “GFF”, “Hufftingon Post”, “The Global World Post” and etc. Besides that, he is author of historical monograph titled “The role of Azerbaijani ideology during the Safavid Empire 1501-1530” that had been published by Institute of Oriental Studies in Azerbaijan.
Fuad has been grant-holder of several international diplomatic foundations as Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Foundation (Russia), TIKA (Turkey), European Academy of Diplomacy (Poland), MIREES, The United Nations, and CIPRI, as well as, he was founder and chairman of New Youth Student Union, youth council of Azerbaijani Students Youth Organizations, member of Green Baku Ecological Movement, and founder of IPWG group at European Students Forum.
In 2014, he became one of the founders of the United Nations Student Club.
As a scholar of the UN, Fuad took part in the Annual meeting of Youth Assembly that held in Geneva, in order to represent Azerbaijan as a young diplomat.
Since 2011, he had started researches on “Arab Spring” and it’s affects in Syrian Arab Republic. In 2013, he has published out his own book titled “Syria – 1946 – 2012”.
Book describes the political history of Syria, Baath party, Assad’s family hierarchy, bilateral relations of Syria with global actors of the world, and Russian – Syrian deal amid raising armed tensions.

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